Are you tired of being overweight & overwhelmed?


You need to lose 30 pounds or more
and it's really hard.

You know being overweight isn't good for you. You've tried!

But it sucks to feel like you're constantly on a diet.

To feel deprived all the time.  

To feel like you're doing everything "right" but without the results.

It can make you feel beat down, but you're different...


You have hope.

And you're not giving up.

pcos nutritionist

I'm a lot like you...

My name is Kelly and I was an overweight nutritionist. 

I was so embarrassed and ashamed. 

I knew I needed to lose weight, but couldn't seem to figure it out. I wanted to lose weight and never worry about it coming back. But I didn't want to be on a "diet" forever. That's NOT the life I want to live.

To make it even more challenging than it already is, I have PCOS. It's kinda like menopause for young women, but it makes it 10x harder to lose weight.

But I dug in and I did it.  

I've lost over 30 pounds and keep it off without starving, deprivation, or exercising my face off. 

And now I want to help people like you.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

What if you could learn how to lose weight in a few simple steps?


The Cleverbody Weight Loss Method

Discover how to lose weight and keep it off with a proven step by step process that'll transform your health and help you lose the weight. Once you've mastered the steps, the sky's the limit!

You'll be able to wear whatever you want. And feel comfortable in them!

You'll stand taller in front of your friends and family with your head held high.

You'll have the energy to keep up with your kids or grandkids. 

You'll feel good to be in photos.

You'll be able to do the things you love. 

You won't feel like you're missing out because you feel too self-conscious


You'll learn...

  • What to eat for optimal health and weight loss

  • What to do when you experience a plateau

  • How to stick with it

  • How to maintain your success

  • And so much more to support and transform you


Now lemme be clear...

this isn't just snake oil and empty promises.


Weight Loss Method

A practical, direct, and simple step by step process based on science and research.

A high-fiber, anti-inflammatory, and mediterranean diet style approach to sustainable clean eating and whole foods lifestyle that actually tastes good

and doesn't require hours in the kitchen.


Get Started on Your Weight Loss Journey.

Your past is not your future.